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Developer(s) Scriptel Corporation
Operating system mSign Desktop app: Windows 7 - 10, mSign Mobile app: iOS and Android, mSign Server: Linux

Scriptel mSign Mobile is a signature capture application for Android and iOS devices. Signatures can be captured through a supported mobile device and used to sign in any Scriptel-integrated application, such as the plugins for Adobe PDFs, Word and Excel files, and Google Docs and Sheets, and software from third parties.

mSign acquired signatures contain all the data normally captured from ScripTouch® signature pads, while supporting color, different resolutions, sizes and aspect ratios.

Using our Scriptel server, signatures are encrypted and routed to any registered desktop device, while tracking the number of successful and unsuccessful signatures on a per organization basis. Organizations can use the Scriptel mSign Server app to add additional capacity to their environment.

Scriptel mSign consists of three components: the mSign Mobile app, the mSign Tray app and the mSign Server app.

The mSign Mobile app connects to ProScript and EasyScript interfaces as if it were a physical Scriptel ScripTouch ST1550 signature pad. mSign adds data beyond what our standard hardware pads capture, including color, and different resolutions and aspect ratios. More than one mSign device can be connected to a desktop and each device is encrypted in a way that cannot be decoded by the server.

The mSign Tray application is the front-end interface connecting an mSign Mobile device to an mSign server, whether the server is hosted by the customer or by Scriptel. Pairing is done by the mSign Tray application requesting a code from the server. Pairing is finalized when a human inputted code is entered or a QR code is scanned, allowing the mobile device to communicate with a server somewhere (defaults to Scriptel server). mSign Tray is licensed through the ScripTouch Remote™ licensing model.

The mSign Server application is for customers who wish to self-host instead of relying on Scriptel’s servers. mSign Server allows the customer to keep the signing process completely in their purview and may reduce latency by hosting closer to the signing process. The application tracks the number of successful and unsuccessful signatures (cancel, network error) signatures on a per organization level.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7 – 10
  • Java 1.7+
  • 30 megabytes of hard disk space

mSign Mobile App Key Features

  • Connects to Scriptel integrated software as a virtual Scriptel ScripTouch 1550/1551 signature pad.
  • Android and iOS support.
  • Enhanced mode supports features beyond normal ScripTouch devices (color, resolution, size, and aspect ratios).
  • Simple and Enhanced modes
  • Encrypted signatures
  • Connect at USB level.

mSign Tray App Key Features

  • Pairs with mobile device through the server.
  • Pairs using text input or QR code.
  • Monitor connection status

Key Features mSign Server app

  • Available to customers who want to self-host.
  • Supports additional capacity by adding servers in potentially different geographic regions.
  • Tracks the number of successful and unsuccessful signatures on a per-organizational level.

Summary Specifications

Product Type Electronic signature pad application for Android and iOS devices
Manufacturer Scriptel Corporation
Active Signature Area Customizable
Signature Display On user device
Pen Type Provided by customer
Data Interface USB layer
Thin Client / RDP
Operating Systems mSign Mobile: iOS or Android. mSign Desktop: Windows. mSign Server: Linux.
Data Protocol
Development Environments
Downloadable Software mSign Mobile, mSign Desktop, and ScripTouch Remote

Setting the Proper Mode

The software you are trying to use will determine the proper mode for the mSign virtual signature pad. Scriptel plugins can use any mode but we recommend trying ProScript Compatible first. Third party plugins will vary.

  • ProScript Compatible: ProScript Compatible mode sets the virtual pad to act just like a ScripTouch Compact LCD ST1550 signature pad.
  • ProScript Enhanced: The ProScript Enhanced mode has a bigger signing area for larger devices, like an iPad. Additionally, it provides a higher resolution and the ability to push color images to the display.
  • EasyScript Compatible: This mode provides EasyScript 1.0 protocol communication which is an uncompressed, batch mode. Note: No data is sent until “<OK>” is tapped on the pad.
  • EasyScript Streaming: Communicating in the EasyScript 2.0 protocol, with EasyScript Streaming mode, data starts flowing as the signature is being written, allowing for real-time display in the Sign and Save application.

To change the mode, click the “Options” button at the top of the display. Choose the “Current Mode” option and then select the mode: ProScript Compatible, ProScript Enhanced, EasyScript Streaming, or EasyScript Compatible.

Using a Private Server

At the top of the mSign Mobile app display is the “Options” button. Touch this to show the options for the app, and then select the Settings option. You will be able to change which server your mobile app communicates with and you may also change the label associated with the mSign Mobile device.


How to Sign a Document

Once the mSign Mobile app is connected to the server and the virtual pad’s mode is chosen (e.g. ProScript Compatible, ProScript Enhanced, EasyScript Streaming, or EasyScript Compatible), mSign will act as a normal signature pad.


Scriptel mSign FAQs