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Q: What is mSign?
A: Scriptel mSign is a signature capture application for Android and iOS mobile devices, and Web browsers. Signatures can be captured and used to sign in any Scriptel-integrated application, such as our plugins for Adobe PDFs, Microsoft Word and Excel, OpenOffice Writer and Calc, our add-ons for Google Docs and Sheets, and software from third parties.
Q: Which mobile devices are supported?
A: Android and iOS devices.
Q: How do I use it to sign documents?
A: Scriptel signature pads plug into the USB port of your computer. The mobile device virtually plugs into your USB port through the mSign Desktop application running in the toolbar. Once the mobile device is paired to the desktop application, your mSign signature pad is "plugged in". Any application that runs with a physical pad now runs with your mobile device.
Please see the following guides:
Q: Is it free?
A: The mobile application is free, but to use them you must have mSign Desktop installed on your computer. mSign desktop requires a license key. When you run mSign Desktop for the first time a 90-day trial license key is automatically obtained. After your trial is complete, a permanent license key is required. List price is $69 for a 3-year license.
Q: Do I need internet access?
A: The mobile application is paired to the desktop application through an mSign pairing server. Scriptel hosts a public pairing server, which is free to use, but it does require internet access for both the mobile device and the desktop. If you cannot provide internet access, Scriptel will license the pairing server for you to install on a Linux server on within your network.
Q: Are my signatures secure?
A: Yes. Although all signatures go through the mSign pairing server, all signatures are SSL encrypted at the mobile app and decrypted on the desktop. The server cannot decrypt signature data and signatures are never stored except, possibly, by the destination application on the desktop.
Q: Will it work with Citrix?
A: Not on XenApp. mSign will work when installed on the virtual desktop of XenDesktop.
Q: Will it work with VMWare?
A: Yes, when mSign Desktop is installed on the virtual desktop.
Q: Will it work with RDP?
A: Yes, when mSign Desktop is installed on the virtual desktop.
Q: Can I use mSign Mobile to sign on Windows, Mac, or Linux computers?
A: Yes, mSign Mobile can be used to sign on a Windows, Mac, or Linux PC with a Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari Web browser as long as certain conditions are met.
  • mSign Desktop must be installed and running on a Windows PC for any installation of mSign.
  • The PC that you wish to use for signing has a current version of a supported Web browser (either Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari).
  • You can use mSign Desktop and mSign Mobile on the same computer as long as you are in Compatible or Enhanced mode.
  • If you wish to use EasyScript mode, you must run mSign Desktop and Mobile on separate computers.