Installing Scriptel mSign Desktop Application

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mSign Desktop must be installed on a Windows PC no matter what kind of capture device (mobile application or Web browser) is used.

Installing the Software

You will need:


  1. Open a browser and navigate to
  2. Scroll down the page and click the "Download Now" button for Scriptel mSign Desktop. After the installer finishes downloading, run the installer.
    MSign desktop install step 2.PNG
  3. When presented with the End User License Agreement, check the box for “I agree to the license terms and conditions” and click the “Install” button.
    MSign desktop install step 3.PNG
  4. Then click “Launch.”
  5. In the notification area of the taskbar (near the clock on the right-hand side), a round button with an “m” will be displayed.
    • A gray color indicates mSign Desktop could not connect to an mSign pairing server.
    • A green color means mSign Desktop is communicating with an mSign pairing server.
  6. If you have a device running mSign Mobile available, right-click on the mSign Desktop button and select "Pair with Mobile Device" in the context menu. You will be shown a QR code.
    MSign desktop install step 7.PNG
  7. On the mobile device, choose "Pair with Desktop" from the menu. Scan the QR code to pair your device to the mSign Desktop. (If you are unable to scan the code, right-click on the mSign icon and select "Settings." Uncheck the box marked "Persistent Pairing Code" and repeat the previous step to get a 9 digit pairing key. Enter the key manually on the device to pair it.)

If you are strictly using mSign Desktop with mSign Mobile for iOS (installed from the App Store) or mSign Mobile for Android (installed from the Play Store), you are done.

If you intend to use mSign from a Web browser, or from the Android APK downloaded from Scriptel’s website (, you will need to license mSign Desktop.