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Developer(s) Scriptel Corporation
Operating system Windows 7 - 10
macOS 10.7+
Ubuntu Linux 14.04+
Website On Scriptel's website

EasyScript was built from the ground up to enable a simple and convenient way to capture electronic signatures and magnetic card swipe data (on supported devices) from a wide variety of usages including web-based and traditional applications.

This interface excels at providing an extremely simple and portable integration that does not require any software or drivers to be installed to run your application.

Simple Integration

Traditionally communicating with attached peripherals from applications (particularly web applications) is problematic. Many web based solutions use Java applets or ActiveX controls that allow a web application to access an attached signature digitizer. This approach creates work for individuals maintaining this type of software because these plugins require constant security and compatibility updates. Failure to apply these updates can leave systems with these plugins installed insecure which potentially compromises the security of the network. On the other hand, applying these updates occasionally will break software requiring updates to the application to fix new incompatibilities.

The EasyScript interface mitigates this problem by communicating with the computer as if it were a keyboard. Nearly any application implemented on most platforms can communicate with keyboards without plugins. Scriptel provides API’s and documentation for capturing the keyboard data from a wide variety of different programming languages in order to simplify application development.

Simple Portability

A common issue with application development is the problem of how to deploy the application when it’s done and how to update it once it’s installed on the end user’s machine. Today’s application ecosystem includes many operating systems, architectures, platforms, devices, and web browsers. In order to support these different technologies developers take advantage of cross platform languages and interfaces to reduce the cost to support the diverse devices their application needs to run on.

To this end Scriptel's EasyScript again takes advantage of the fact nearly all devices support USB keyboards. Software written for EasyScript ScripTouch devices can be easily integrated into platform independent applications.

Interface Switching

Any EasyScript 3.0 compatible signature pad is able to be switched between interfaces. To learn how, read this article about Interface Switching.

Changes with version 2.0

  • Compression
  • More resolution can be transmitted (now matching our ProScript interface at 500 dpi and 120 samples per second) using similar number of keystrokes
  • Signature data streaming
  • Data is now sent out as soon as signing starts, OK and Cancel buttons now explicitly detected
  • Automatic adapt to keyboard layout
  • Signature preamble provides minimum number of keystrokes for the API to adapt to whatever keyboard layout is the current setting in the OS
  • Toolbox settings for compression and keystroke packet transmission rate
  • Signature data buffer in pad automatically resets after 30 seconds of inactivity
  • Signature data streaming (for “real-time signature rendering”)
  • Higher resolution signature data (for “biometrics” or “forensics” capability)
  • Automatic international keyboard support
  • Explicitly detect OK and Cancel

Changes with version 3.0

Dual Mode Support

  • Allows operation either as a keyboard emulator (EasyScript legacy) or HID device (ProScript). Read instructions for interface switching
  • Uses ScripTouch Assist, a new helper application for EasyScript that displays in the notification area of the taskbar.
  • Provides an easy toggle between modes, without the need to unplug the device or reset power.

Workflow Customization

  • The workflow may be set such that a button press causes advancement to another screen.
  • Screens may be customized, including the splash screen.
  • Buttons may include text or graphics.
  • Two new region types are available: Graphics and Text in addition to the previous region types: Line, Button, Ink Region, and Null.
  • Screens and workflows may be saved to flash to make them survive power cycles.

Models with EasyScript


Start with #1. Once you have varified that your EasyScript signature pad works locally, pick #2 or #3 as appropriate to your configuration.

  1. Troubleshooting EasyScript Devices
  2. Using EasyScript Devices with Remote Desktop
  3. Using EasyScript with Citrix