Using EasyScript Devices with Remote Desktop

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ScripTouch devices using the EasyScript protocol can be used with Microsoft Remote Desktop (also known as Terminal Services) without the need for any USB redirection software. Depending on your environment there are some considerations that may need to be made in order for EasyScript to work reliably.

You can always test EasyScript devices by going to our diagnostic utility.

Slowing Down Keyboard Output

Some environments will require you to slow down the keyboard output speed of your ScripTouch device. This can be done by using the ScripTouch Toolbox:

  • Open the ScripTouch Toolbox, go to the "Output" tab.
  • Move the "Packets per Second" slider between 100-250 packets per second (exact value may depend on your environment).
  • Optionally (if your application supports it) checking the "Stream output" and "Compress output" boxes should improve reliability and speed.

After adjusting the slider test the signature pad again using the diagnostic utility. This setting will persist even if the device is powered off or unplugged. You only need to do this once per ScripTouch device.

Configuring Remote Desktop to use Local Key Combinations

Certain versions of the official Microsoft RDP client don't correctly send keyboard control codes. This can result in EasyScript not working at all, or not working reliably. To fix this:

  • Open the Microsoft RDP Client
  • Go to the "Local Resources" tab.
  • Change "Apply Windows key combinations" setting to "On this computer".
  • Connect to the remote computer as normal.

After connecting to the remote computer, test again with the diagnostic utility.