ScripTouch Sign and Save for Google Sheets installation

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NOTE: If you have a ProScript interface (model number ending in a 0 or 5) you will also need to install the latest version of ScripTouch OmniScript which can be found on the Scriptel Downloads page. An installation guide for OmniScript can be found here. This does not apply to EasyScript interfaces (model numbers ending in 1 or 6).

Install ScripTouch Sign and Save for Google Sheets and Sign a Document

Video instructions follow:

  1. Navigate to the Google Add-on Store page and click the "+FREE" button.
    Google sheets install Step1 cursor over +FREE button.PNG
  2. Click on "Continue" to allow the installation.
    Google sheets install Step2 cursor over Continue button.PNG
  3. Click on "Allow" to complete the installation.
    Google sheets install Step3 cursor over Allow button.PNG
  4. Open the spreadsheet you want to sign in Google Sheets.
  5. Click on "Add-ons" near the top of the page, then "ScripTouch Sign and Save for Google Sheets", and then "Sign Spreadsheet".
    Google sheets install Step5 cursor over Sign Document in menus.PNG
  6. Once the application sidebar opens click on the "Click Here to Sign" button.
    Google sheets install Step6 cursor over Click here to sign.PNG
  7. Sign on your signature pad now. Be sure to press "OK" once you have finished signing.
  8. Click on the "ADD SIGNATURE" button below your signature. You may also change some aspects of the signature using the options below before adding.
    Google sheets install Step8 cursor over add signature button.PNG
  9. With the signature added to your document you may now re-position, by clicking and dragging, and resize the signature, by clicking and dragging the handles along the outside of the box, if necessary.
    Google sheets install Step9A cursor over signature to reposition it.PNG
    Google sheets install Step9B cursor resizing signature.PNG