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Developer(s) Scriptel Corporation
Operating system Windows 7 - 10
macOS 10.7+
Ubuntu Linux 14.04+
Website On Scriptel's website

The Scriptel OmniScript product is a small integrated web server installed on a personal computer or embedded device that exists to expose Scriptel ScripTouch signature digitizers to a computer network. The OmniScript download installs the OmniScript Service or Dameon on your client device for software integrations that use the OmniScript protocol. If your software provider has integrated with OmniScript, the latest version is available from this download. OmniScript primarily communicates with applications through the use of WebSockets. These are essentially network sockets that contain a special handshake at the beginning of the connection to ensure that the server is soliciting such connections.

WebSockets have the advantage of allowing web applications to directly communicate with OmniScript without the need for an intermediate server. This means that an application can be pushed to a client and your application can take advantage of an OmniScript installation within their firewall without the need for any special network configuration. Data can then be pushed back to the server side of your application from the client.

Platform Independent

Traditional Model of Integration

In traditional hardware application interfaces, the interface dictates the programming language needed to integrate the device and developers generally need to recompile their code for each operating system they wish to integrate with.

OmniScript Model of Integration

With OmniScript, platform specific device interfaces are embedded within the server application. This allows developers to communicate with a single platform independent interface.

  • Allows mix and match between client machines
  • Multiple Operating System Support – Mac, Windows, Linux
  • No Java Plugins/ActiveX Controls needed for web development

Simplified Development

OmniScript enables developers to communicate with ScripTouch signature capture devices using the same code on multiple operating systems and web browsers.

Because OmniScript exposes ScripTouch digitizers to a network, any platform capable of communicating through a network will have access to devices utilizing the same API. By writing code in a platform independent language such as Java or JavaScript, developers can run the same logic on various platforms.

Save development time by minimizing amount of effort to support multiple OS (Operating Systems) and Web Browsers

  • Reduces the level of dedicated long term customer support
  • Reduce development support for multiple environments
  • Language agnostic – program in language of choice instead of choosing a dictated langauge

Graphical Modifications

For ScripTouch devices with built-in displays.

Create and modify screen elements such as text, graphics, and buttons.

  • Graphics
Place onscreen images on devices with built in displays.
  • Buttons
The OmniScript API provides feedback for button presses, button hovers, and button releases.
  • Text
Developers and edit or replace button text as well as create custom notifications or workflows by displaying onscreen text.

Fully Rendered Signature Image Output

OmniScript allows developers to receive signature images directly from the server. This bypasses the need to convert signature coordinate data and render signatures from within client applications.

  • Calligraphy style renders
  • PNG and SVG output
  • Raw signature coordinate data available

OmniScript API

You can find the OmniScript API here

Installing OmniScript

OmniScript video tutorials

  1. Connecting to Scriptel OmniScript
  2. Receiving and Customizing Signature Images
  3. Handling Pen Events
  4. Modifying Screen Elements
  5. Handling Device Membership Changes
  6. Sending Images to Device