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The Cruise Line industry’s first and only complete enterprise software solution for fleet-wide global medical operations. The eSeaCare Platform is a culmination of over five years and millions of dollars in research and development involving the industry’s most respected and foremost leading experts including medical directors, risk management executives, public health officials, legal counsels and technology innovators.

With eSeaCare, cruise lines can manage every aspect of medical operations while connecting and collaborating with information across their entire fleet of ships and shoreside operations. This allows for the establishment of more efficient operations and improved management visibility and control while mitigating the high risks involved with administering medical operations.

The eSeaCare platform is the only existing system uniquely designed for Cruise Lines with a proven real-world Return on Investment (ROI). The platform consist of 4 main components.


  • Electronic Health Record
  • Robust Clinical Tools
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Public Health & Compliance (Logo-CDC, SAFE)
  • Medical Inventory
  • Guest Visits & Charge Capture
  • Patented Satellite Synchronization
  • Preventative Maintenance

Supported Model

ScripTouch Desktop LCD Signature Pad with EasyScript