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SpruceWare.NET™ software is the first Windows® powered information management tool specifically designed for the lumber, hardware and building materials industry and developed using the Microsoft® .NET framework. SpruceWare.NET includes a wide array of built-in features that most other providers include for an additional fee or require an investment for licensing third-party software. Built-in document management makes it easy to track transactions and Dynamic Reports create detailed historical reports to give you unprecedented insight into your business.


  • 100% Windows-based so easy to learn and use
  • Open SQL database architecture
  • Easy icon navigation, drag and drop, and cut and paste
  • Simple historical search capabilities
  • Built-in Document Management lets you track all transactions and the documents associated with each, keeping all information in one, easy-to-find electronic file
  • Attach and Windows file to transactions and records
  • Manage multiple sessions
  • Fully integrated graphical analytics and business intellignece
  • Dynamically recreate historical reports the ability to drill down for more information
  • Multiple catalogs with warehouse quantities
  • Easy third party integration
  • Single and multiple location scalability

Supported Models

ScripTouch Desktop LCD Signature Pad with EasyScript

ScripTouch Compact LCD Signature Pad with EasyScript

Demonstration Video