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The ScripTouch Kofax SignDoc Plugin enables use of Scriptel’s ScripTouch signature pads with software from Kofax. The Plugin runs on any Windows operating system from XP onwards and supports the following software available from Kofax:

  • SignDoc Desktop
  • SignDoc Standard
  • SignDoc Web
  • SignDoc Enterprise
  • SignDoc for Adobe Reader
  • SignDoc SDK
  • SignDoc Professional
  • SignWare SDK

You will need a ScripTouch signature pad with ProScript interface (models ST1400, ST1475, ST1500, ST1525, ST1550 or ST1570) and one of the above software packages from Kofax in order to use the plugin and begin capturing handwritten signatures.

SignDoc Desktop is electronic signature software that enables users to sign any PDF or TIFF with a handwritten signature. SignDoc Desktop also offers the ability to convert other popular document types into a signature-ready PDF.