Calibration using ScripTouch Toolbox

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The ScripTouch Toolbox allows you to re-calibrate your ScripTouch signature pad. This can be useful if the digital ink isn't tracking under the pen when your pen is against the glass of the display.

For the Mac version of this guide click here.

Note: This guide applies only to devices with LCD displays. Display-less devices do not support re-calibration.

Calibrating a Scriptel Signature Pad with ScripTouch Toolbox on Windows
  1. Plug in your signature pad and start the ScripTouch Toolbox.
  2. Click the "File" tab and make sure "Show Advanced" is checked.
  3. Select the Sensor tab.
  4. Click the Calibrate Device button.
  5. Press each of the 5 calibration points on the screen as they appear.

Your pad is now calibrated and should be tuned. Tuning matches your pen to your pad. (Note that the tuning process is not available for older signature pads.)

  1. Click the "Tune Device" button.
  2. Follow the directions on the screen and hold the pen perpendicular to the signing surface. When pressing the stylus against the screen, hold it as still as possible.

Now your Scriptel signature pad should be calibrated and the digital ink should faithfully track underneath the pen.

If this doesn't resolve the problem or if you have an questions please contact Scriptel Support.