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Video Tutorial

ScripTouch Sign and Save Signature Customization Tutorial


How to change the display of your signature in Sign and Save.

  1. Open ScripTouch Sign and Save.
  2. Sign on your pad.
  3. You can now customize your signature's thickness, size, style, color, and background. Let's start with "thickness."
  4. Adjust the slider labeled "Line Thickness" to change the width of the line.
  5. Adjust the slider labeled "Zoom," or change the value in the Zoom textbox, to change the size of the signature. The physical size of the signature is displayed under the Zoom input.
  6. The "Pen Style" dropdown will let you change the appearance of your signature.
  7. Change the "Foreground Color" to set a default color for your signature. You can select from a preset color, or click on the color square to enter a custom color.
  8. If you want a solid, opaque background, unselect the "Transparent" checkbox.
  9. If you want to change the background color, make sure that "Transparent" is off, then select a preset color for the background, or use the color picker to enter a custom color.