ScripTouch Compact LCD Bumper

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ScripTouch Compact LCD Bumper
Manufacturer Scriptel Corporation
Cost $40 / $25 if bought with a new Compact LCD
Type Protective
Color Black
Weight .0625 lbs

Compact-LCD+Bumper-Hero.jpgCompact-LCD+Bumper-Pos1.jpg Compact-LCD+Bumper-Pos2.jpgCompact-LCD+Bumper-Pos3.jpg

Customers looking for more protection for their Scriptel portable signature pads have a new option: The Compact LCD bumper.

The Bumper is made out of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). It’s flexible, like rubber but strong. It’s brand-new design has built-in firm connector supports for added protection.

Accidental USB unplugging is now a thing of the past. The carrying handle makes for easier holding and storage and you get a pen stand too.


Compact LCD Bumper Installation

Video instructions follow:

  1. Start by pushing the cable connectors through the slot along the curved edge.
  2. Insert the pen cable in the center of the curve.
  3. Insert the USB cable to the right of that.
  4. Now, connect the cables to the pad.
  5. Insert the pen connector arrow side up until it clicks.
  6. Insert the pad into the bumper / working the back edge in first.
  7. Then insert each of the two front corners. (You don't have to push too hard.) Instead, work the front corners of the bumper / one at a time, over the pad. Your bumper will last longer if you don't force it.

Once the pad is securely in the bumper, it is ready to for action.