ProScript Debugging

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The ProScript library is capable of producing detailed output logs. The configuration for logging is controlled by the use of environment variables. This is done so that any application implementing the ProScript library does not need to be aware of the debugging mechanism in order to take advantage of it.

The ProScript library looks at the following environment variables at startup:

Environment Variable Type Default Value Description
SCRIPTEL_DEBUG boolean false Determines whether or not any debug output will be produced.
SCRIPTEL_DEBUG_LOCATION string %TEMP% Determines the location where debug files will be placed. Environment variables surrounded in %'s will be resolved to their appropriate locations.
SCRIPTEL_DEBUG_LEVEL string ALL Determines the level of verbosity of the logs produced.
SCRIPTEL_DEBUG_FILE string scriptel-debug-${label}-${pid}.log Determines the file name pattern of the logging files produced.
SCRIPTEL_DEBUG_HANDLERS string file Determines the debug handler to use, right now 'file' is the only one that exists.
SCRIPTEL_TRACE boolean false Determines whether or not ScripTouch Remote trace files will be generated. If unset and SCRIPTEL_DEBUG is true, this will default to true.
SCRIPTEL_TRACE_FILE string scriptel-trace-${label}-${pid}.pcap Determines the file name pattern for ScripTouch Remote trace files.

Valid boolean 'true' values (everything else resolves to false): true, 1, yes, on.

Valid file substitutions:

  • ${pid} - Process ID of the process running the library.
  • ${label} - Label of the debugger defined in scriptel_debug_init()
  • ${random} - Random 10 digit string consisting of 0-9's.