Citrix Native USB forwarding

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Attention: Important notice to customers who use Citrix Native USB forwarding

If you use Citrix Native USB forwarding and have whitelisted the PID in Citrix Studio / Policies / USB, you will need to add the PID of our new Compact LCD and Slimline LCD pads. Most customers who use Scriptel products whitelist only the Vendor Id, which has not changed and in which case no change is necessary. But if you have the PID listed, be sure to add the new one. Don’t replace the old PID or your old signature pads will not work.

The new signature pads can be identified by looking at the 9th digit of the serial number. If it is a 6, the PID is new. For example, 157021126239.

Product Original PID Add new PID
ST1550 0200 0400
ST1570 0207 0403

For more information, please read our complete PID reference.