StaticCap Touch System

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Touch and Pen Input

Most Surface Capacitive solutions have little or no ability to capture pen input. Our Static Capacitive alternative touch panel provides exceptional pen input (single pixel resolution) and finger touch in a single package that functions seamlessly.

Palm Rejection

Dependable palm rejection allows pen detection to flow effortlessly without interference from fingers or hands resting on the sensor.

Optical Clarity

Our simple manufacturing process uses a thin coating of ITO on the underside of the glass. This single layer of conductive material results in superior optical performance without color change and with minimal distortion.

Cursor Steering

StaticCap Technology creates the ability to enable a “hovering” effect to steer mouse input and enable gestures like dragging and dropping.

Active Digital Pen

Dependable Accuracy

When combined with Scriptel’s® electrostatic touchscreen and proprietary ASIC, the Scriptel® Digital Pen provides over 150+ real time points per second.

Proven Durability

The Scriptel® Active Pen is embedded in nearly 3 million devices worldwide.

Carbon Pill Tip

The pen tip provides excellent durability and resistance to wear and tear.