ScripTouch Remote installation

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ScripTouch Remote can be installed in two different ways: either bundled into ScripTouch Sign and Save or stand-alone.

Note: In either case if you intend to use the software with Citrix you need to make sure the Citrix Receiver version you intend to use is installed prior to installing the ScripTouch Remote software.

Install as part of ScripTouch Sign and Save

The ScripTouch Remote software is bundled into ScripTouch Sign and Save. Simply follow the instructions in ScripTouch Sign and Save installation and ScripTouch Remote will be installed as well.

Install Standalone

In the event you do not want to install ScripTouch Sign and Save and only want the ScripTouch Remote components you can find the standalone installers here:


ScripTouch Remote is a licensed product. If you've purchased a license or if you have an evaluation license you can follow the instructions in Acquiring ScripTouch Licenses to download your licenses.